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Choosing an Aerobic Studio
Choosing an Aerobic Studio

There are many factors involved in finding the perfect aerobics studio -- the teacher, the other students, the atmosphere. The key is to select a studio that fits your needs. Here are the some important criteria to look for.

1. ARE THERE INTRODUCTORY CLASSES? For beginners or even those who may be out of practice, it may take four to six sessions to acquaint you with the fundamentals of aerobic dancing. Be wary if you have to sign up even before you try out the studio's classes. A good introduction will provide the foundation for aerobics: warm-up, basic moves, modifications, cool down/stretch. You should feel welcomed, not intimidated. Use this introductory time to ask questions about the studio, the choreography, and any special modifications you might need. Aerobic exercise is non-competitive; you should leave each session feeling challenged and eager to return.

2. ARE THE TEACHERS SUPPORTIVE? Well-trained instructors should be pleasant and helpful, calling the moves without a "drill sargeant" approach. The good ones provide individual attention, monitor students to help make adjustments, if necessary, and sacrifice their own high intensity/high impact workout to help new students learn moves. Overall, instructors should provide a sense of joy about aerobics. A bit of humor is essential, as anyone who's heard "turn to your right"--but turns to the left, knows!

3. DO YOU LIKE THE ATMOSPHERE? Look for a well maintained, well lighted space. Wooden floors are a must. Beware of rooms that make you feel claustrophobic. Being able to adjust the temperature and movement of air is helpful.

4. IS THE LOCATION CONVENIENT? Because you'll be wanting to attend class at least two or more times a week, it should be easily accessible to your home or office -- or somewhere between the two.

5. WHAT DO THE OTHER STUDENTS SAY? Look around a class and observe whether people seem to be enjoying their workout. Ask other students why they come here, and what benefits they have derived from working out at this studio. A good studio will attract students of all ages, ethnicities, and career paths. While friendliness among the students is valued, notice if conversation gets in the way of workouts or hearing the teacher call the moves.

6. IS THERE SUFFICIENT EQUIPMENT? Make sure there are top quality mats, and a variety of weights. They ought to be in good condition, and there should be enough for everyone.

7. IS THERE A VARIETY OF STYLES AND LEVELS? Instruction should emphasize proper breathing technique, and safe leg and body positions during workouts. Additionally, teachers should be able to help individual students adapt moves to their own capabilities and needs: while one student may require a less challenging variation or low impact moves, another might need instruction in working at a higher intensity. No matter how much experience you have had, a good aerobic studio should have classes that meet your personal needs.

8. ARE THE CLASSES THE RIGHT SIZE? Too few students, and the class loses that motivational energy. Too many students, and you won't get the individual attention you need.

9. ARE THERE ENOUGH CLASSES TO CHOOSE FROM? Frequency is vital for staying aerobically fit and strong. Regular practice maintains flexibility and thereby helps prevent injury. Make sure that there are enough classes at the times you need, so you can attend at least 2-3 times per week.

10. DOES THE STUDIO HAVE A GOOD REPUTATION? Is it devoted exclusively to aerobic/anerobic fitness? Has it established roots in the community? Do the instructors, themselves, work out there?

The bottom line? Sample a class and see how you feel -- not just during the class, but afterwards. Was it a good workout? Was it fun? Do you want to return? You've found the right studio for you!
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