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Hi. Welcome to our website. Sadly, we are no longer in business, but we had a fabulous run for 33 years, at 6421 W. North Ave in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The Teachers and Members were always referred to as our BT Family, and we miss the workouts and the camaraderie.

Here are some comments after we closed our door for the last time on July 31, 2016.

"I have wonderful memories of my years at BT and often dance along when I hear songs that we used to dance to, even after all of these years. BT was a special place, a place of friendship and fun as well as exercise. I can't imagine surviving my "grown up" years without the bonds that were made in that room on North Avenue. Thank you for the memories, the fun, the friends."

"Besides the fun and fitness over the years- I have some lasting, loving friendships to this day because of BT. I can't imagine what this life would have been without those bonds for over 30 years. Thank you to all. Who kept this incredible biz supported."

"I cherish the memories of the years I spent in BT with my BT family. I still miss the friendship, fun and exercise that I experienced while there. 33 years is something to be proud of."

"It was a great place to work out, feel good about ourselves, have fun, share events (both happy and sad) with our BT family, get encouragement, become stronger, and always feel better after class than before we came."

"We were the 'Cheers' of the fitness world; a place 'where everybody knows your name', and cares about your life."

BT Memory Moments

"When you're missing BT and playing old songs at work and someone notices your feet doing choreo."

"When you tear up when someone asks you if you are "still working out at that place", and then you feel the need to go into a, hopefully, short explanation, then realize that they can't even fathom the feelings you are having."

"When someone at the conference asks you "so what's new?" and you realize that they really don't need to know that you're really missing BT, so you say "oh nothing"."

"When your kids ask when they can go play at BT again, and you try to explain (again) that "closed" doesn't just mean for today."

"When you are in some other exercise class and a BT song comes on and you totally do something different than what everyone else is doing."

"When you embrace the changes in life, haul your hinder out of bed and make it to 0530 yoga the week following your last class at BT. Keepin' the habit."

"It's been fun, and a happy time I will always remember!"

"BT prepared us VERY VERY well for all of these new classes."